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Installation Details for the Bamford Pump

The installation and operating requirements for Bamford Pumps are covered generally in the Questions and Answers section of this Internet site. This section briefly covers a few further requirements.

The use of a suitable Drive Pipe correctly installed is essential for the pump to operate properly. Although the general principles always apply, each pump installation involves a unique set of circumstances that can only be addressed by those installing and operating the pump.

Before anyone installs a Bamford Pump for the first time, we strongly recommend that they temporarily set up a pump on flat ground and run it from an existing source of reticulated water. This can be done, for example, by connecting a garden hose to the Standpipe where inlet water normally enters to drive the pump. To start off, the pump outlet should also be blocked off (for example with a 1 inch plug) so that a back pressure is provided in the pump without any need to connect a Delivery Pipe. However, never block off the outlet if the drive head or length of Standpipe is more than 4 metres. This preliminary test allows the operation of the pump to be observed and understood under controlled operating conditions.

A file giving details of "Pump Installation and Drive Pipe Construction" can be found in the "File Downloads" link at the top of this page. If possible we suggest that you download this file for future reference.

A group of internet pages containing similar information is also available by clicking this link.
Installation and Drive Pipe Construction

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