Pictures, information and price for items for sale.

To see details of items.

Items will be grouped together in several categories, which will include such things as Farm Equipment and Home Items. Our intention is that this part of our internet site will start with a few items, and be steadily expanded. The link below will take you to the picture gallery showing the initial categories.

Picture Gallery - Items for Sale and Prices

On each page there is a Help link which tells you how to view pictures individually, or as a Slideshow. If you hold your computer cursor over an image or navigation arrow for several seconds, you should also see a description of what that link does.

If in doubt, simply click on the images, links, and arrows to see how the Gallery works. When there is an "Up" arrow at the top left of pages, clicking on that arrow will take you up one directory at a time back to the home page.

Information given for each item.

There is usually a picture, with brief information about it, together with the price in Australian Dollars (AUD). We try to give the best information and guidance possible, but realize this can never be as good as a personal inspection. By prior arrangement, you or your representative is welcome to inspect items.

The first part of the description below each picture is the File Name for that item. When ordering or making enquiries, please give that File Name so that it is clear which item you are referring to.

With some pictures, there is a coloured Australian picture 7 centimeters square (2.8 inches) to indicate the size of the item.

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