Terms and conditions applying to sale of items.


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All items are offered for sale as is, where is, and with no warranty or guarantee. We try to give a fair description of each item, and for higher priced items further information may be separately available.

Import permits and requirements.

Some countries prohibit or restrict the import of certain items, and may require recipients to have an import permit. We will not knowingly send items overseas where we are aware of any such restrictions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all such requirements. We accept no responsibility for any such matters arising from your purchase, and will not reimburse any of the purchase cost.

Consulate and other such approvals.

Some countries require approval from their representatives in Australia before goods are exported to that country. We are not prepared to obtain such approvals, because the time and cost involved is likely to be out of all proportion to the value of the item concerned.

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