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These pages list items for sale, and will increasingly encompass family items and farm equipment in several categories.

They are things that we have bought or acquired over the years for our own use. We therefore know the history of everything that you can see here. The time has come for us to pass these things on to others, who can use and appreciate them.

Categories of items.

Most items are grouped into categories, which are shown as picture galleries. For each item there is typically a picture, with a description and the price. All of the categories are not yet in the picture galleries, and will be added progressively.

There will be some overlap between categories. We have used what seems to be the most relevant category for the item concerned. For example, an automotive workshop manual could be included in "Books and Publications" or "Automotive".

Within each category there can be items of widely differing age, condition and price. Many are suitable for everyday use now. Some are quite old and can be regarded as historic or collectable. Others might be described as trash or treasure, which are mostly old, and in poor condition, but represent times and circumstances of interest to some people.

Sale of Items.

All items are offered for sale as is, where is, and with no warranty or guarantee. We try to give a fair description of each item, and for higher priced items further information may be separately available. More information is given in the other pages about purchasing items, and it is very important that you carefully read the pages on "Terms and Conditions" and "Prices and Payment".

We are happy to sell items to buyers overseas from Australia. These would normally be limited to items weighing less than 15 Kilograms, and not being very large. It may not be possible to send some items to some countries. Once again, please refer to "Terms and Conditions" and "Prices and Payment" for more details.

We are not a shop. Inspection or collection of items needs to be arranged in advance. Please contact us during normal working hours and at least one working day before, if you wish to do this.

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