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Installation and Operation

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Installation and Operation

The pump comes fully assembled, but with the two main assemblies loosely screwed together. This is partly for ease of packing. It also allows for an alternative drive pipe installation that is described later. In most pump installations, you will simply screw the two main assemblies tightly together, so that the blue cylinder is vertical when the pump is working.

The blue cylinder is the waste valve body. It contains a plastic ball. Attached to the top of the blue cylinder is a black plastic pipe connector. Prior to pump operation, any paper packing inside the black plastic pipe connector must be removed.

For pump operation, a steel tube is inserted into the blue cylinder through the top of the black plastic pipe connector.

Three steel tubes are provided. They have a different number of holes at each end, giving six ways to insert a steel tube into the blue cylinder. The number of holes at the bottom determines the amount of water flowing through the pump. The amount of water flowing determines the pressure and volume of water that are pumped. The pump is therefore adjusted for different operating conditions by using alternative tubes and switching them end for end.

Pipe Connections to the Pump

The drive pipe goes into the brass gate valve, which can be turned off to stop water going to the pump. The gate valve must be fully open when the pump is working, so that the steel tubes control the water flow.

The black plastic cylinder is a Philmac non-return valve. It is connected to the delivery pipe to take water uphill from the pump. Use the Teflon Tape provided, and do not overtighten this connection when connecting the delivery pipe.

Most of the water going into the pump overflows from the top of the black plastic pipe connector on top of the blue cylinder. The pump has taken the energy from this overflow water, so that the rest of the water is forced into the delivery pipe. The water flow from the top of the black plastic pipe connector should therefore not be impeded.

General Installation of the Hi-Ram Pump

The following diagram, which is not to scale, shows a typical installation. Look closely at the requirements for the drive pipe, as alternatives are possible in some circumstances.

General Installation

The pump and the drive pipe must operate together for the pump to work properly. The drive pipe can therefore be thought of as "half" of the pump, and successful operation depends on the use of a suitable drive pipe and correct installation.

Starting the Pump

Before the delivery pipe is connected, run water through the pump to flush out all loose material and air. The steel tube with the most holes can be inserted and pushed down to hold the waste valve open. The gate valve can then be closed, and used to turn the pump off and on.

Connect the delivery pipe, and insert the steel tube with three holes into the pump. Open the gate valve.

The pump needs a backpressure in the delivery pipe for normal operation. To get this initially, operate the waste valve mechanism manually by pushing the steel tube up and down. If the delivery pipe is long or of large diameter, it may take a while to pump enough water to build up sufficient backpressure. If you can do so, it may be easier to get the initial backpressure by filling the delivery pipe with water from the top.

As necessary for running or adjustment, change the steel tube after closing the gate valve to stop the water flow.

Care and Maintenance

The plastic ball, the black plastic pipe connector on top of the blue cylinder, and the Philmac non-return valve are all wearing parts. Their life will depend on the conditions of operation, and the cleanliness of the water going through the pump. The replacement cost is small compared with the operating and installation costs for powered pumps.

The Philmac non-return valve must seal properly. The two ends of this non-return valve unscrew from the main body, and if need be the delivery pipe end can be unscrewed to clean components. A repair kit is also available for this non-return valve.

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