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John Bamford at the town of Bamford

The outskirts of the town of Bamford, although this town has much less to do with my family origins than Shore, Littleborough


From notes made by my Great Grandfather John Bamford (1833 - 1905) my family can trace its ancestry to Edmund Bamford (1802 - 1876) of Littleborough, Lancashire, who married Martha Lord (1802 - 1886).

From later information, we understand that the parents of my Great Great grandfather Edmund Bamford were James Bamford (1778 - 1822) and Mary (nee Lees) (before 1780 - 1833). The parents of Edmund's wife Martha (nee Lord) were John Lord (about 1767/1768 - 1841) and Jenny (nee Taylor) (born 1768).

Apart from the direct line of descendents to me, I know very little about the brothers and sisters of Edmund Bamford and Martha Lord, and their children, and would be interested in more information.

Family History As Known To Us.

My Great Great Grandfather was Edmund Bamford (1802 - 1876) of Littleborough, Lancashire. He married Martha Lord (1802 - 1886).

The families of both Edmund and Martha lived in Turf House, Shore, Littleborough.

Edmund Bamford was one of eleven children, the others being James Bamford, Charles Bamford, Thomas Bamford, Sally Bamford, Hannah Bamford, Elizabeth Bamford, Mary Bamford, Martha Bamford, Maria Bamford, and Ellen Bamford.

Martha Lord was one of ten children, the others being Simeon Lord, Edmund Lord, James Lord, John Lord, Thomas Lord, Betty Lord, Ann Lord, Alice Lord, and Mary Lord.

Edmund and Martha had nine children, Henry Bamford (born 18 Feb 1828), James Bamford (born 11 Oct 1829, with son Thomas born 1853), Alice Bamford (born 17 Jun 1831), John Bamford (born 30 Jun 1833), Edmund Bamford (born 25 Mar 1836), Tom Bamford (born 3 Jun 1838, and married Sylvia?), William Bamford (born 22 Mar 1840), Jane Bamford (born 9 Sep 1842), and Charles Bamford (born 22 Mar 1845). John Bamford was my Great Grandfather.

My Great Grandfather John Bamford (1833 - 1905) married Ann Newton (1836 - 1873). He also had a second wife Leah Kay.

There were seven children from the first marriage, Fanny Bamford, Josiah Bamford, Walter Bamford, Philip Bamford, Rhoda Bamford, Elizabeth Bamford, and Frank Bamford. Philip Bamford (1864 - 1932) was my Grandfather.

Philip Bamford and Walter Bamford came to Australia on the SS Ruapehu in 1890. They left the ship at Hobart, Tasmania, and then traveled across Tasmania by train to board another ship to Melbourne. Josiah Bamford (Jess) went to America and settled in Tacoma Washington.

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